The Proposal

Access and Location


The location of the pavilion is determined by the intersection of the pitches and the access routes through the park. It sits at the meeting point of several paths, including the central avenue through the park. This position allows for easy access and viewing to and from the two pitches. The location is accessed from the existing car parks at River Park Leisure Centre and is a five minute walk away from Winchester City Centre.

Concept Development and Zoning


The core of the design is a communal space, providing a friendly neutral space for the teams and the public to interact.

This space is flanked by three wings. The first contains the service spaces for the communal space and the others to serve a pitch each, containing changing facilities and a viewing terrace.


  1. Communal Space
  2. Kitchen, Store and Umpires Changing
  3. Pitch 1 Changing Room
  4. Pitch 1 Changing Room
  5. Pitch 1 Viewing Terrace
  6. Pitch 2 Changing Room
  7. Pitch 2 Changing Room
  8. Pitch 2 Viewing Terrace



The building is orientated to face the viewing platforms towards their respective pitches. The communal area serves as a mediating space between the public park and the private pavilion facilities. It is a space for the teams and the general public to interact and will integrate the private aspects of the pavilion into the site.